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Behind every great man, there’s a woman. Men that sit in seats of inscrutable power often have the women in their lives to thank for the privilege, and these women are a force unto themselves. As Jenai, a race of Female Genies, these women bring luck and good fortune to the men in their lives. Once such Woman is Nina Skye, a stripper. When she meets Jake, a sexy down on his luck grifter and Opacus,a bargained shadow demon, the attractions fly. Jake is beyond attracted to the sexy stripper, the exact woman he had been going to see dance for a month straight. Little does he know this woman is about to make all his wishes come true. She agrees to help him seek his fortune. The Venue? The pit floor at the MGM grand. The game? the international poker championship.


HOT RIO NIGHTS: Tease Festivals Series and the beginning of the Devas Series

When Starla Gibson learns of the bet that the sexy stranger across from her is putting forth, to be his darling little slave for the night, she thinks its a joke. Strong and dominant Gibson, has been hurt to much to play anyones subordinate and tells him that she cant possibly sink to sub level. When he presents her with the answer to both their problems, a small bottle of clear liquid that Derek claims is a potion to turn her into the most willing toy hes ever had, Starla cant back out of the challenge. Little does she know that what shes about to experience is going to change the way she looks at herself, and the man before her.

Blurb coming soon!