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Oldest of the races, ones that walked the earth as old souls when the world was new. Regal, sexy and powerful, Djinn can grant you the fabled three wishes... for a price.

Forget all that Hollywood has told you. disregard the old stories of sultans and genies. Djinn are beyond anything you ever imagined. And if your lucky... like Janey Duvall, then one will take you as their consort... and youll get to see how the other half lives... and lives... and lives....

WISHES 978-1-59426-565-5

As a Djinn, the most powerful race of genies, Nicodemus Marsh is sent in to deal with a fiery Janey Duval after she refues to help the exiled demon prince in getting rid of the problems in a business endevor in the east. Oozing with sex appeal, Janey can barely resist him and after a very erotic encounter, she finds out shes bound to him, and has three wishes to make. The bargain? Three wishes and shes his sexual slave for 100 years.

GLAMOUR 978-1-59426-629-4

Janey Duvall, newly bound consort to the Djinn Nicodemus Marsh, is having a few minor problems with the delivery of a contract, namely, the assassin is refusing to finish the job. There’s no reason why the Mark should still be alive, not with one of her best on the job. Knowing this is not normal behavior, she decides that going to Beijing, the city the hit is supposed to take place, is the best course of action.

Marsh is intrigued by the idea, having a few of his own that involve Janey and an auction, and agrees to go, even calling in his marker from his most recent job of taming the fiery woman that became his consort to help with the investigation.

After hearing of the situation from Marsh, Sean Taylor, exiled prince and the demon solely responsible for getting the Djinn and the assassin together, sends in Malcom Frost, vampire and his second in command, to help or hinder the investigation, whichever is more profitable.

When Marsh is faced with the task of transforing Janey for their investigation, will his glamour hold up to the scrutiny and allow them to prevail, or will he lose the one woman he could ever give his heart to?

WISHBOUND 978-1-59426-766-6

The Print compilation of the the above stories

GIFTS 978-1-59426-830-4

The holidays are a time for giving, so when Marsh decides to give Jane a real Christmas, complete with family and friends, he never expected everything to go haywire. Meeting his family is only part of the problem. His parents, the reigning royalty of his race, are going to be a surprise to Jane, but no more so then his station as crown prince, a fact he had kept hidden from her till now.

Throw in a conniving princess that contracts his death, an engagement ring and his quirky and outlandish parents, and Marsh has his hands full, just presenting Jane as his consort.

Two days before Christmas, Trent Duvall, Janey’s Silent partner in the assassin syndicate shows in Austria and informs them of the fact that a special member of the Duvall inner circle has gone AWOL, and its up to Jane and Marsh to help him get him back. With the help of Malcolm Frost and a few choice friends, Trent and Marsh leave Jane in Austria and go to Africa to retrieve their family member, and usurp the position of a murderous and insane Fallen Angel.

And you thought your holidays were stressful.

LONDON FOR THE HOLIDAYS 978-1-60659-121-5

Running from a disappointing situation in the states, Thisbe Winters, recent concubine of the king of the ice demons,  is a woman learning what its like to be young and single again. She's determined to enjoy her new status and start the coming year with a completely clean slate.

As a dancer on the club circuit, her chances of meeting a quality guy are slim to none, that is, until loner vampire Malcolm Frost walks into her life.

Sent in as her bodyguard, Malcolm is told Thisbe is a look don't touch job, a fact he totally disregards after saving the raven-haired beauty from a life-altering situation. She is an indulgence he can ill afford, and a temptation he cannot deny.

Then word comes in of a serious threat to Thisbe from a wolf pack, and Malcolm has to spirit her out of London to his employer's mansion deep within the territory of a master vampire who has a price on his head. Malcolm was never good at playing nice with others of his own kind.

When Thisbe is taken by the vampires, its up to Malcolm to rescue her, set up a truce and take out an entire wolf pack, ensuring the woman that makes his body burn is his for all time.

In the season of giving, finding your hearts desire is a sure surprise indeed, especially when you have to take to attain it.

NO GOOD DEED GOES UNPUNISHED *Special short story, living in the print version of London For the Holidays*

Those of you who asked what happened to Marsh at the end of Gifts, this is a little present for you. Find out what happens at Juno's icecream shoppe with Marsh and his unexpected friend. I wont give it away, but if you were wondering... wonder no more.